Retinol the skin booster to tackle Hyperpigmentation

 Your skin may be the biggest organ you have but it’s also one of the most delicate and skin disorders such as hyperpigmentation is often a result of us damaging it. But there are ways you can prevent hyperpigmentation from reoccurring or significantly reduce the appearance of it. 

Retinol has incredible transformative qualities for a whole myriad of skin issues but it is especially helpful when used to tackle hyperpigmentation. Doubling as a pigmentation-fader and anti-aging hero, retinol is a derivative of vitamin and it’s youth-boosting skills qualify it to take center stage in any skincare routine. It boosts elastin and collagen for high cell turnover to reveal new, revived skin with a smoother, more even texture. This makes retinol particularly helpful at fading scarring. It’s a hard-working hero product for brighter skin and reduces dark spots and sun damage. The bespoke ‘couture compounds’ found in our Retexturising New Skin Serum is where pigmentation treating ingredients unite. Featuring a whole host of regenerating ingredients including Cylasphere Retinol, this serum is also packed with lactic acid and niacinamide which work to boost hydration to enhance the skin barrier function but also balance out skin tone.