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Paris Fashion Week 2023

Residency debut at Maison Delano Paris 

Internationally renowned Skin Expert and Founder of Skin Design London, Fatma Shaheen, launches PFW residency at iconic Paris hotel Maison Delano Paris. Previewing the innovative new Freeze GlowLift® treatment , to ensure the fashion crowd are show-ready without the down-time.

The residency with Maison Delano Paris will be the first introduction of Skin Design London’s edit ofskin-transforming Designer Cosmeceuticals to the legendary hotel’s Paris flagship. The partnership will highlight Skin Design London’s unrivalled cosmeceutical excellence with Maison DelanoParis' promise of luxurious intimacy amongst the city’s bustle.

Finally! I am coming to Paris Fashion Week!

I’m excited to be in town as fashion month wraps up.  Maison Delano Paris is the perfect home and partner.Located in the heart of the prestigious 8th Arrondissement in an 18th century mansion.

After an intensive month, I am ready to take over my clients skins needs.To mark this special occasion. 

What sets Skin Design London apart is our high- quality cosmeceutical ingredients and deeply considered formulations and treatments, which are designed to work together to achieve unrivalled results.

x Fatma


Designed by Fatma Shaheen, focuses on exposing the face, lips and especially the under-eye bags to extremely cold temperatures with a focus on improving blood circulation, decrease puffiness and swelling 

RESULT: A healthier complexion and a natural glow.


  • Reduced Puffiness and Inflammation 
  • Tightening and Firming  
  • Increased Blood Circulation 
  • Minimised Pores 
  • Calming and Soothing  
  • Enhanced Product Absorption 
  • Stimulation of Collagen Production  
  • Refreshing Sensation 
  • Soothing and reduce rosacea or skin irritation.