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 The New SDL Facelift®

Introducing the SDL Facelift

Launched September 7th 2022

Designed and customised for Skin Design London’s clients, The SDL FACELIFT® spotlights Fatma Shaheen’s industry-leading expertise in advanced skin technology, with customised intensities and applications used to strategically sculpt and lift the facial contours. The technology may be world-leading, but it’s Fatma Shaheen’s skilled application that truly delivers results that work with each client’s skin and facial contours. Think: strategic, specific sculpting, rather than a step-by-step process.  

Skin Design London’s most advanced treatment yet takes a new approach to face lifting. Working beyond the surface, The SDL FACELIFT® targets deeper layers of the skin without challenging the barrier, delivering results that continue long after the treatment itself.  

The Skin Design London Lift® technology

As we age, loss of collagen causes a reduction in skin elasticity, thickness, and oxygen uptake in the epidermis: it’s these things combined that lead to the formation of wrinkles and sagging. With the skin less resilient and more vulnerable to damage, issues such as pigmentation and dryness are more likely to develop. 

The Skin Design London Lift® technology instantly tightens a sagging jawline and lifts the face, bringing sharper, more defined contours to the fore. Designer cosmeceuticals are combined with exclusive devices to boost the production of elastin and collagen, resulting in an intense tightening of the face. By delivering personalised actives beyond the skin surface, texture, tone, pigmentation and congestion are gradually reduced. 

Treatments with Fatma

The Skin Design London treatment menu combines Fatma’s industry-leading use of technology with her powerful formulations to offer a new kind of aesthetic offering.Using the world’s most effective devices, techniques and topicals, every Skin DesignLondon treatment is designed, curated and customised by Fatma to deliver the best results for each individual client. The instant results are remarkable, but it’s the consistent, long-term skin improvements that are truly incomparable, cementing Fatma as the go-to for the A-list and beauty editors worldwide.