Collagen Infusion

The Face Infusion with Glow Pen treatment is an experience designed to revive the quality of your skin. This 60 minute, customisable treatment uses advanced, non and minimally invasive technologies combined with award-winning skincare.The Glow Pen is the latest piece of skin care technology to launch on the Skin Design London treatment menu. Along with the Face machine (which uses radio frequency, laser and red light infusion), the Glow Pen has been designed exclusively for Skin Design London. 

Skin Love

Already a cult favourite among fashion editors, influencers and celebrities for its customisable features, the results of  Face Infusion with Glow Pen Treatment will be sure to keep you coming back for more. During the treatment expect 60 minutes of escapism via the wellness world of Skin Design London. Once it’s finished your skin will feel revitalised, well nourished, and reset. This is a highly personalised, bespoke service, so the results depend on your individual skincare needs. Previous clients have seen results such as minimised pores, visibly lifted face, neck and jawline as well as reduced lines, wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation. Consider your skin care maintenance taken care of - this is the beginning of your new skincare journey. 


 Skin Features

Collagen boost-skin texture- skin tightening- reduce pores - anti-ageing - sun damage -fresh new skin - Reduce sun-damage

£250 for 60 minutes - for all skin types

Treatments with Fatma Shaheen £400 

Please note as this is a treatment, not a physical product.

Start today fresh new skin


"You’re an angel - my god you’re clever - my skin is glowing. Thank you, thank you, thank you".

— Candice Lake London-based photographer, blogger, designer and Contributing Style Editor at Vogue.

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