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Skin Design London x 180 Health Club

180 Strand, Temple, London

In February 2022 Fatma Shaheen brought her designer cosmeceuticals clinic to Soho House’s 180 Heath Club. 

Based at the top of 180 The Strand, 180 Health Club is a curated space showcasing the best specialists in movement, fitness, mindfulness, beauty and wellness.

SKIN DESIGN LONDON launches at 180 Health Club as the resident Skin Clinic.

"At Skin Design London we believe in skincare that is simple and effective, but also kind to skin. We have achieved unrivalled results with our combination of unique clinical formulations and cutting-edge face technology for the very best quality of skin. We are excited to work with Alex Eagle and the team at the 180 Health Club to deliver the best in wellbeing".


180 Health Club, Strand, London

Alex Eagle has personally curated an exclusive class and wellness schedule to bring pleasure, mindfulness, and connectedness. Inspired by the joy of movement and founded on the concept that participation and community spirit is as important as exercise itself, these brand pillars will come alive across every element of 180 Health Club’s offering, from physical to mental.  events 

In the spirit of pleasure, mindfulness and wellness Skin Design London will be joins Alex Eagle in bringing members an enriching, healing, and luxurious experience, offering customisable treatments with non/minimally invasive technologies. Relaxing yet effective Fatma’s treatments help solve real skin issues such as sun damage, skin texture and ageing skin. Benefits also include collagen boosts and pore size reduction for fresh new skin.