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The Vitamin Skin Peels

These exclusive formulas have long formed the base of every SDL facial treatment, and are now available outside the clinic for the first time. 

The Cherry Gloss Peel

The Cherry Gloss Peel

Targets: Pigmentation, dullness

100ML​ | £165

The C-Glow Peel

The C-Glow Peel

Targets: Pigmentation, Signs of Ageing

30ML​ | £195

The Clear Skin Peel

The Clear Skin Peel

Targets: Acne, Congestion, Blemishes, Scarring

30ML​ | £195

Face Tight

The Face Tight Serum

Hydrates| Heals| Soothes 

30ML | £205

"To enhance your Vitamin Skin Peel results finish with Face Tight for the ultimate tightening and lifting".

A blend of Skin Design London’s cutting edge, triple Hexapeptide technology fused with high-yield actives that addresses fine lines and sluggish skin.This age-defying serum offers high molecular weight proteins and cosmeceuticals that uplift and awaken the skin. 

“The formulation design process for Face Tight is to elevate your skin and routine to the next phase and level. Through using Face Tight, your skin will be fed an injection of three powerful peptides that tighten skin appearance and texture.

“Our success stems from our formulations and knowing exactly what skin needs. We’ve cut through the noise of beauty buzzwords and overhyped ingredients to produce a fine-tuned edit of luxury cosmeceuticals and treatments that deliver results.”


"After an hour with Fatma my skin glows like a teenagers with that dewy moist look I envy on my daughter. She’s not simply a facialist but a magician.

Her fabulous Skin Design potions are now my not so secret weapons to keep me looking my personal best despite my escalating years. I AM addicted!"


"Best Vitamin C for Pigmentation”

The C-Glow Peel



“Leading facialist Fatma Shaheen treats some of the most photographed faces in the business, and this month she introduces three clinic-strength peels into her own at-home product line, Skin Design London.


A must-try for anyone with sun spots and even melasma, the C-Glow Peel combines stable vitamin C with phloretin and an innovative active called Radianskin, which inhibits melanin production to prevent future pigmentation from coming to the surface. If you're considering a prescription treatment or intensive course of laser to unify your skin tone, try this first.”

Fatma Shaheen, CEO and Founder

New - Deluxe Travel Editions

Sorry it's taken so long, but finally your designer cosmeceuticals is available in deluxe sizes so your skin is never without the best treatment.

Long haul flights, holidays in hot or cold climates or whatever the occasion needs - consistent routine and emergency SOS if needed. 

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Teo van den Broeke

GQ Style & Grooming Director

“No empty promises to see here. Skin Design London’s ultra-straightforward approach to skincare is not only incredibly satisfying, but the products really work too”


Samira Larouci


"One of the best facialist in the saviour..."


Jessica Beresford - Journalist

"There’s good reason that Fatma Shaheem is a favourite among the fashion crowd – she’s a deft hand at creating glowing, photo-ready skin. The London-based facialist, who has a residency at John Bell & Croyden in Marylebone..."