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The creator and innovator behind Skin Design London is Fatma Shaheen, an award winning skincare and clinical expert, hailed as a “Skin Designer To The Stars”. Over 16 years of treating of hands on treatment of 1000s has allowed her to master the art of designing cosmeceutical skincare formulations and treatments.

Fatma witnessed the disconnect between doctors and patients in the treatment of skin with outdated prescription solutions, lacking real results and requiring downtime. Mass marketed beauty skincare products were outdated, lacked efficacy and no connection with the client’s needs. Fatma was determined to change the industry redefining the client journey by inventing a targeted prescriptive edit of skin transforming designer cosmeceutical formulations and powerful in-clinic treatments.

Internationally renowned as one of the world’s leading skin experts, she is highly sought-after and internationally celebrated. Having worked for over sixteen years with doctors, dermatologists, brands, and most importantly her clients, Fatma has mastered the art of knowing what skin needs, and what works.  Fatma overseas the formulation and testing of each product and treatment, constantly searching for new inventive solutions. her years of experience and continuous professional development combined with  her direct contact with clients "in the chair' is a powerful tool for furthering SDL research and development. 

A regular on the fashion week circuit, Fatma has become the ‘go-to’ skin expert for key models and the fashion inner-circle. Skin Design London has amassed a legion of loyal A-list fans. Some of our exceptional partnerships include Matches, Paris Fashion Week with Maison Delano Paris,  Met Gala at Casa Cipriani, Cannes Film Festival with L'Officiel Riviera and The Oscars with The Wall Group.