Skin Design London gains international superstar status as Vogue Italia names founder Fatma Shaheen “Skin Saviour, one of the most famous facialists in the world.”


The founder of British pioneering skincare brand Skin Design London, Fatma Shaheen has been crowned by Vogue Italia as a “Skin Saviour, one of the most famous facialists in the world” a credit to Shaheen’s impressive work building her innovative London based clinic famed for its tailored treatments and skincare formulated with award winning designer cosmeceuticals that have earnt Skin Design London a cult following.

From loyal clients flying in from overseas for an appointment to the personalised skincare approach with expert execution, Shaheen has created a clinic with an international status as the skincare destination for your ‘best skin ever’.

The Skin Design London Clinic is the starting point for your personalised skin health journey. Proudly one of London’s first clinics to provide customised treatments for a fresh face and glowing skin in just 15 minutes, The Skin Design London Clinic promises clinical style results without the downtime. These results are powered by a tailored treatment approach curated by renowned facialist Fatma Shaheen.

With over a decade of industry experience, Shaheen provides her clients with a personalised programme with each treatment to reveal a healthier, more radiant complexion. Teaming super peels formulated with a blend of aesthetic grade actives and vitamins along with a non-surgical face sculpt from the smoothing, warming lift of the custom designed Face Machine, the Skin Design London clinic is a one-stop destination for your skin health. From refining pores and improving texture to smoothing lines and reducing acne scars Skin Design London has mastered high-end, hard-working treatments to reboot your routine and build strong, resilient skin.