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the 5 Serums that will transform your skin

What are the CVHAR Serums?

They are the foundation for every Skin Design London skincare routine and for your glowing skin.

Edited serums for effective, instant results. The reason why we launched! I wanted to create an edit of beautifully designed cosmeceuticals that delivered results without irritating the skin. My mission was to create a new way of treating the skin with immediate results and define your skincare routine, eliminating skincare with overhyped ingredients. I have created the routine CVHAR so you know what your skin needs and the order for best results. 

email for a personalised guide.

The Serums

C Antioxidant Glow
The first pillar of healthy skin. Please note not all Vitamin C formulations are the same. C Antioxidant Glow was created to eliminate the issues and side affects of most vitamin C formulations. Vitamin C serums can cause acne, irritation, and redness. C Antioxidant Glow is a superior antioxidant treatment for morning use. Its goal is to treat, hydrtebrighten, protect and reduce pigmentation and reveal a new level of skin radiance I have also added in ingredients to help treat acne and redness. 

APPLICATION: Use every morning after you cleanse.You only need 2-3 drops. 

Volume Serum

The eye, neck, nasal label-folds, chest and hand treatments.  This is your dermal filler in a serum. No needles , no downtime. 

APPLICATION: Use every morning and night after C Antioxidant Glow or Retexturising serum.

Hydrating Serum
A formulation that has been used for 5 years on your skin to drench and hydrate without clogging your pores.
hydrates and protects skin at a deep dermal level,
locking in moisture and protecting the skin barrier.

APPLICATION: I like to use this after C antioxidant Glow for best results in the morning or at night after Retextursing serum. The results of Retinol creme or Retexturising serum combined with Hydrating serum is a quick way of plumping up fine lines and transforming dull, tired skin.

A-HA Serum
 Designed for daily use if you suffer from blackheads, acne, whiteheads, oily T-Zone.
 Cleans pores, eliminates congestion, soothes
redness and tightens skin whilst removing dead skin cells. 

APPLICATION: if you are suffering from cystic acne or faces is congested use at night after Retexturising serum. If a few breakout or blackheads use daily at night and apply to problem area before or after Retextursing serum.

Retexturising Serum
The one and only Retinol infused serum that delivers but does not irritate.
Strong but beautiful, fresh glowing skin in 24hours.
A sophisticated retinol serum, assists in visible
skin renewal, reducing  the appearance of 
fine lines, enlarged pores and blemishes.

APPLICATION: Apply 2-3 drops on dry face after cleansing with Face Bath at night. Finish with Hydrating serum and Designer Balm or Sleeping Beauty.