CEO & Founder Fatma Shaheen

Won her first award within six months of launching for “Best new skincare brand” her ingenuous understanding of cosmeceuticals and simplifying the way we use it, clinical formulations and treatments has introduced a whole new audience to clinical skincare that works and is kind to skin. The creator and innovator behind the brand is Fatma Shaheen - an award-winning skincare and clinic expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. 

Internationally renowned as one of ʻThe Worldʼs Leading Facialistsʼ Vogue Italia, and recently named ʻTop London people to see in London for treatmentsʼ she is so highly regarded in the industry that her clients often fly from overseas just to have one of her treatments. Having worked with doctors, dermatologists, brands and most importantly her clients she mastered the art of knowing what skin needs, and what works. Her smart use of technology and her power formulations delivers a new kind of destination and skincare that personalizes her clientʼs journey in skin wellbeing and skin quality.