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Fatma Shaheen


What is your favourite 

Skin Design London product?

Difficult to choose! C Antioxidant Glow, Retinol Creme (its the best retinol) C Glow Peel and Face Tight.


How often do you have The SDL Facelift Treatment?

Not often enough!!! I try every two weeks and if I am not feeling great and need urgent skin SOS or urgent facelift then weekly. I will customise depending on area and what my focus is.

Favourite makeup?

I love brown eyeliners, I have so many!! Always looking for the best one. I have tried so many. I should do a review on eyeliners. 

Favourite Netflix programme?

Last Dance, Michael Jordan documentary. I have watched it 3 times or more. 

A lockdown survival tool. I think of Michael Jordan when I hear the answer no.

If you have watched it you will understand why.

Favourite movie?

Godfather, I recently watched all three again on a flight to LA and loved it.

Favourite holiday destination?

Istanbul and anywhere hot. 

Early childhood memory

Me in a yellow dress.