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SKIN TALK: Micro-needling Notes by Fatma Shaheen.

"If you know me you know! This is my favourite treatment. It's a game changer for skin if done right. I treat all skin types, all ages. The younger you start the better. The nutrients you use is just as important as the technique. I micro-needle my clients before fashion shows, cover shoots, red-carpet events. You don't need to hide post treatment, you need to show your skin off!"

What is micro-needling?

Micro-needling is the creation of micro-punctures via controlled injury to the skin without damaging the epidermis. A minimal superficial bleeding (not always necessary, depends on treatment plan) 

is the start of a rapid wound healing phase with the release of various growth factors and 

connective tissue activity.

The controlled trauma to the skin can stimulate fibroblast cells, that contribute to formation of cells. Your fibroblasts secrete collagen proteins and maintain structural framework of tissue, they heal wounds.  

Through micro-needling we achieve Collagen type three to maintain elasticity and firmness of skin tissue.

Benefits of micro-needling?

Micro-needling is the best way to stimulate your fibroblasts and improve thickness of your skin. 

Your skin will feel tighter, improve skin texture, hyperpigmentation, acne scares, treat acne, fine lines, 

wrinkles, dehydration, and repair your skin barrier. Micro-needling will also help prevent TEWL. 

Trans Epidermal Water Loss- the amount of water you loose, the evaporation of water through 

the epidermis, the top layer of your ski). TEWL starts at the dermis and evaporates through the epidermis. 

Micro-needling can help stimulate the cells in dermis to reduce TEWL.

Side-effects of Micro-needling

Side effects are minimal if treatment is carried out by an experienced practitioner. 

Short term redness, swelling, and skin flaking are possible side effects. 

Side effects should reduce within a few days depending on the depth of the treatment.

How many sessions of micro-needling do I need for best results?

You should see a result after your first treatment.  Results will vary depending on the condition of your skin, 

lifestyle and what the treatment goal is.

Is micro-needling a suitable treatment for hyper-pigmentation?

Micro-needling is a great hyper-pigmentation and melasma treatment. It breaks up the pigment below the surface. 

Controlled use of correct nutrients during treatment is a rapid way of improving skin texture and patches of dark spots, 

acne scarring and melasma. Clinical studies show it's a safe treatment for all skin types.

At what age can I start micro-needling?

Under the guidance of an experienced practitioner you can start at 18. 

Do you recommend at home micro-needling

The problem with at home devices is lack of control by clients on its usage. 

Don't over do micro-needling at home. You need to use the correct nutrients and to protect your epidermis to reduce inflammation and damage to your acid-mantle.


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