Treatment Plans - Evening Routine


Your Evening Routine

March 2023

Each one of my clients is given their own bespoke treatment plan, this is a typical Morning Routine.

Fatma Shaheen, CEO & Founder


Apply a small amount to a dry face and massage. Add a touch of water
and continue massaging all over face. Rinse well with cool water.


For lines, texture, skin maintenance and anti-ageing for the ultimate rejuvenation. Apply 2-3 drops onto cleansed skin.


For plumped, hydrated and refreshed skin, with a collagen boost firming effect. Apply 1-2 drops all over face, neck and chest.


For nighttime nourishment and a midnight collagen skin feast while you sleep. Apply a small amount to face and neck and massage into skin.


A weekly skin balm for glow and restoration. Use 2-3 times a week. Leave on skin for 15 - 30 minutes and remove with damp face towel.

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Your morning routine

Each one of my clients is given their own bespoke treatment plan, this is a typical Morning Routine.