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SDL at The Oscars

Tips for the red carpet glowing skin by Fatma Shaheen, Skin Design London Founder & CEO

I am back in LA for the Oscar's red carpet skin prep. It's an exciting time and a lot of the buzz is usually around the outfits and makeup but glowing healthy skin has become the must have look for the red carpet.

I customise The SDL Facelift® for the red-carpet. The goal is to hydrate, lift and leave a beautiful glow so your skin is makeup ready. I contour and sculpt so cheeks and jawline are defined.

The Best Treatments:

Working beyond the surface, The SDL FACELIFT® targets deeper layers of the skin without challenging the barrier, delivering results that continue long after the treatment itself. No downtime, red carpet ready.

“One of the best facialists in the saviour”



Just before makeup skincare routine


A gentle deep cleanse is essential for clean, glowing skin. Use Face Bath and massage on to skin using lifting motions to stimulate the skin. Massage the nasal label folds up and away to create a lifted sculpted look.


Nothing too aggressive, on the day of the event, this is not the time to have a chemical peel or any intense exfoliation. Use a mild gentle exfoliant that brightens and hydrates. Cherry Gloss Peel is perfect. Leave on skin for 30minutes and remove with a touch of face bath by massaging it into the skin. Use a cold face towel or wash off with cold water.


Brighten skin and diffuse any discolouration,  

C Antioxidant Glow is the perfect foundation and the first product you should apply after exfoliation followed by Volume serum all over your face. We are creating a dewy finish to the skin and then follow up with Hydrating serum on areas that need extra plumpness.


This is a must before your foundation. It's the best serum, primer, illuminator, skin diffuser, whatever your skin needs this is the answer. I drench my face, neck and chest in this. I would be lost without it.

Treatments for the red carpet should be customised to create a lift and glow ready for makeup. Prep work is key but if you are time pressured then radio frequency and lymphatic drainage for face and body is the best treatment for immediate results.


            The ideal time is at night for maximum glow. Apply 2 to 3 pumps of C-Glow Peel and then apply 2 to 3 pumps of Face Tight. Don't forget your neck and chest. 

C-Glow will not make your skin peel, lit has been designed so there is no downtime, only beautiful skin in the morning.

This weeks Q & A  

chats from the treatment room 

Dry, congested skin help!

Q: My skin is feeling congested and dry. 

A: You may need some gentle exfoliation and the best treatment to start with is The Clean Skin or Face Tight Infusion for the perfect remedy.

Do I need a serum

Q: Do I need a serum?

A: Yes! I would rather you not use a moisturiser. Serums treat skin issues. They play a key role in giving you healthy glowing skin.  

Sensitive skin and Retinol

Q: I have sensitive skin can I use Retinol?

A:  A well formulated retinol should suit all skin types and concerns. Start with Retinol Gel creme at night, use three times a week for the first week. Second week use every other night and, third week every night. Add Designer balm after Retinol Gel creme to avoid any dryness or sensitivity.


Q: I don’t see any changes in my dark spots or hyperpigmentation

A: Consistent use of the right products/ingredients is key. Invest in your skincare routine do not go for cheap options. There is a reason why they are cheap. Four key products to treat pigmentation and Melasma

C-Antioxidant Glow, C-Glow Peel, Retexturising serum, Retinol gel Creme.

Skin peels

Q: For best results do i need my skin to peel?

A: No, I prefer consistent light exfoliation but with enough power in the formulation for immediate results and for long term skin health.

Help, my eyes look so tired

Q: Under my eyes my skin looks thin, volume loss and I have dark circles. Whats the best treatment?

A: Micro-needling, Radio Frequency, tear-trough filler are all options. You could try  The SDL Facelift with a focus on the area.

Best products for eyes, C-Glow Peel, Volume serum, Face Tight. Use in that order at night. Do not wash off.

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