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Acne, Congestion, Skin Tone Treatment

March 2023

"The Vitamin Skin Peels has been designed to treat acne and post-inflammatory pigmentation. Each skin peel is a new style of formulation that eliminates the traditional harshness of skin peels ,chemical peels. No peeling, no redness, only beautiful treatments you can use two to three times a week as part of your Skin Design London treatment protocol.

The routine below is just one way of treating acne and congestion. For a customised guide please email

"Alternate the routine three times a week with your night time routine".

Fatma Shaheen, CEO & Founder


Apply a small amount to a dry face and massage. Add a touch of water
and continue massaging all over face. Rinse well with cool water.


A wake-up call for devitalised, tired and dry skin. Apply a small amount to a dry face and massage. Leave for 30minutes. Remove with water or damp face towel.


A targeted peel to tackle discolouration. Apply a small amount to a dry face and massage. Do not remove leave on all night for best results.


The solution for both active acne and lingering scars. Leave on all night for best results.


An age-defying serum offering high molecular weight proteins and cosmeceuticals that lift the skin. Use 1-2 drops to face, jawline, and neck.

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